The paper used to make both paste and decorated papers is 100% rag, laid
Strathmore Charcoal paper in various colors. Backgrounds behind the headings
in this web site are examples of Meadow Press marbled and paste papers.

selling paste papersLeigh McLellan at the San Francisco Center
for the Book Crafts Fair, 2007
Photo by Tomoko Kobayashi

Paste Papers  These bright, colorful paste papers are created by Leigh McLellan using Rosamund Loring's wheat and rice flour paste recipe with acrylic paints. Each unique sheet is made using pulled, combed. stamped, brushed or drawn patterns, or in combination. 19 x 25 inches. $12

For examples of paste papers, see the backgrounds of the following headings: Books, Checklist, Ephemera Collections & Catalog, History, and Orders. Also, see the covers of Learning to Read and Hawai'i One Summer.
See Paste Papers by Leigh McLellan

In 2010, I chronicled a paste paper edition project for the Fine Press Book Association. Photos and studio assistance by Georgette Freeman. How to Make 125 Paste Papers in a One-Bedroom Apartment

Marbled Papers  These combed-pattern papers are made by Leigh McLellan using the Swedish method: oil paint or printing inks are floated on a methyl cellulose sizing. Each paper displays one main color with several color accents. 19 x 23 1/2 inches. $12

For examples of marbled papers, see the backgrounds of the following headings: Type Specimen, Broadsides, Decorated Papers & Note Cards (above), Meadow Press (window above), and Collections. The cover of Sensing is a printing-ink-on-water marbled paper.
See Marbled Papers by Leigh McLellan

blank booksHandmade Blank Journals  Hand sewn and handbound, covered with either marbled or paste paper made by Leigh McLellan with a cloth spine. Interior pages are a good-quality writing surface, acid-free, natural white laid paper, 96 pages. Small: 5 x 6 1/4 inches: $20. Large: 5 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches: $30

Handmade Note Cards  The front of each folded card displays one or more swatches of paste or marbled paper on various colors of card stock. An envelope is included and both are protected by a snug plastic bag. 4 1/2 x 6 1/4 inches tall. $3 each

Order decorated papers. blank books, and note cards: All orders payable in advance by check to "Leigh McLellan," except institutions and booksellers. (Sorry, credit cards orders are not taken.) California residents add appropriate sales tax. Shipping extra. Booksellers' discount: 25%.

Order from:

Meadow Press
Leigh McLellan • San Francisco, California USA

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