Hawai'i One Summer
Eleven magical autobiographical prose sketches and a foreword written by award-winning author
Maxine Hong Kingston
during one summer in Hawai'i.

66 pages. 9 x 12 inches tall.
Special binding/slipcase $450, Casebound $350

above left: Cover. The sides are covered with purple, red and yellow paste papers in a special
exposed-sewn binding structure designed by Betty Lou Chaika, with a red cloth slipcase.
above center: Part title page. Woodcut by Deng Ming-Dao.
above right: Story opening. Initial in red handlettered by John Prestianni. The text is set in Times New Roman types and printed on on natural Korean Kozo.

bottom: Title page. 22-inch fold-out landscape woodcut by Deng Ming-Dao. Title in red handlettered by John Prestianni.

Order from:

Meadow Press
Leigh McLellan • San Francisco, California USA

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